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Capoeira Against Hunger In Brazil

In the fight against the COVID-19, Brazil has emerged as the new epicenter of the pandemic. Aside from the catastrophic number of deaths each day due to the virus, poverty and hunger continue to ravage vulnerable communities already suffering from the effects of racial and social discrimination and inequalities. In response to the pandemic, the Brazilian government has re-imposed strict lockdowns which, while essential in preventing the collapse of the Brazilian healthcare system, has caused major disruptions in economic activities negatively affecting those who depend on what they earn each day to survive. Reports suggest that due to unemployment and the effects of the government's policies, around 27 million Brazilians are starving and are at-risk of falling into poverty.

Fundraising campaign by Edielson Da Silva Miranda

CAPOEIRA AGAINST HUNGER IN THE PANDEMIC is an initiative formed through the cooperation of groups of Capoeira in Brazil and around the world who are committed to alleviating the suffering in communities across Brazil. We, capoeiristas from the Bantu Cultural Institute, N'goma, Angoeilro Sim Sinhô, Projeto Semear Angoleiros and from the Escola de Capoeira Angola Mato Rasteiro, believe and solidarity and our responsibility to one another. We invite YOU to join this Roda! We are 4 organizations aiming to raise money to buy food baskets for 4 communities where we serve. Each organization will receive 200 baskets to support 800 families in the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo reaching around 4,800 people.

We're counting on your support! In this way we will be able to prevent hundreds of families from starving, especially those with children who've lost their refeição escolar (school meal) - often their only nutritious meals for the day owing to the suspension of face-to-face classes.

We need all the help we can get! Our target is to raise USD 20,000.00 to help reach as many families as possible. So donate! Each basket will cost an average of R$ 165 / USD 30 / € 25 Euros - which is to say, it doesn't take a lot to feed a family for 15 days. The campaign will last for 21 days starting on the 22nd of March until the 31th of April. To contribute, donate any value from € 10 (euros), $ 10 (USD) or R$ 10.

For the purposes of transparency in the use of funds, we will be taking photos and videos when the food baskets are distributed in a mindful and respectful way respecting the privacy of the beneficiaries. We have just 21 days to reach our goal. Seems like a short time? For starving families in Brazil, it isn't.

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