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7 tips - How to move your office

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Planning to move an office is a challenging task, and you will be required to juggle multiple tasks together, prepare employees for the move, and prepare a list of the things that need to be done. The best way to make your office move an easy task is to break it down into a series of tasks and delegate tasks to multiple people.

Try to start the preparation of the move before time and try to avoid any communication barriers as effective communication is the key to make sure that everything works outright. If you want to have a stress-free moving experience, you can either hire movers who will do the work for you, or you can follow the steps mentioned below.

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Prime Transport Group prepared a list to help you with this change.

1 - Find a good location for the move

To find a good location for the move, first of all, you need to figure out the reason why you’re moving. Is the place too small or crowded? Is the location of the current office not suitable for clients to visit? Or have the rental costs increased and now are out of your budget? Once you’re aware of the reason for moving, ensure that the new office location does not come with those cons. If you’re unaware of the budget-friendly places that are available for rent, contact a trusted realtor who will guide you and help you in searching for an affordable yet suitable location.

2 - Set an expenses budget

Once you have selected the perfect location, start taking care of the initial steps and plan your move within 3 to 6 months, depending on your urgency to move. Review your lease, if you have any, as leaving before time might cost you your lease. Contact various removalists and take their price quotes so that you’re aware of the current rates of prime transport group for moving. Inspect the furniture and other things in your office and set aside a budget for things that require replacement so that you do not overspend.

3 - Design the new space

Once you have finalised a location, the next step before moving in is to design the new space according to your requirements and likes. Try to get a blueprint from the owners so that you can have a layout of the office floor and compare it with your current one to know what additional things such as new cabinets, tables, or kitchen items are required if the new space is a larger one. Moreover, make a list of the potential problems you could face, such as having a storage capacity, making sure that you have a solid electricity connection, and if there is any need to hire painters, carpenters, or any other professionals to make changes according to your office theme.

4 - Create a moving timeline

Now that you’ve finalised a location, decided on an expenses budget, and started working on the designing in the new space, create an estimated moving timeline for moving out of your current office space into the new one that only needs some final touches. To ensure that all things are taken care of and nothing has been missed out on accident, hold a meeting with the top staff members so that they can pitch in their ideas and suggestions for a smooth move. The key point is to start the planning as soon as possible and remember to keep aside some extra time if there are some last-minute requirements or changes that need to be done.

5 - Conduct regular meetings

Once the staff has been briefed about their responsibilities and the things they need to take care of, the next step is to ensure that everyone is working with clarity and is aware of how to get things done. Hold regular staff meetings to check on the work progress and communicate with everyone as moving is a stressful job. Ensure that everyone takes care of their personal belongings and expensive devices so that they are not misplaced during the move.

6 - Prepare to make the move

Send an IT person to your new office space and make sure that he properly checks all the electric sockets, sets up the Wi-Fi connection, and starts up the devices so that your employees can get started on the work as soon as everyone moves in without missing any important deadlines or submissions. Assign each department different colour codes to avoid a mix-up so that they can arrange their colour-coded files and equipment in an organised manner. If you have placed an order for new furniture or accessories, contact your trusted removers from Sydney to Brisbane so that they can place the new arrivals before your shift.

Assign each employee their respective desks and arrange cleaning services at the new premises so that everyone can settle down without wasting much time. Go through a security check at the new office and issue everyone their new entry cards with the updated information. Furthermore, make sure that every department head has access to their office and provide them with the keys to the office doors.

7 - Moving and settling down

When the moving day finally arrives ensure that all the staff is well-prepared and present in the old office before time. Move all the heavy furniture, technology-related equipment, and expensive devices first so that they do not go missing. After most things have been moved, ask each department to take over and take care of their boxes, files, and essentials. Set aside a budget for some drinks and food as moving is a tiring task, and everyone will need something to stay energised.

Now that you have finally settled in, it will take you a week or so to get used to things and ensure 100% working. If things seem out of place or are not working well, you can always make changes by consulting everyone. The main key is not to panic but to let things happen with the flow, as you need to keep in mind that it takes time to adjust to a new place and atmosphere. Instead of panicking, take a pause, mingle with your employees, ask for their feedback, and most importantly, celebrate the new change!

Prime Transport Group - Moving Company, Moving Office in Sydney, Brisbane & Gold Coast | We Deliver Packages Safely.

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