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How to make moving homes easier

Updated: Mar 26

Packing up from one home and moving into another might be an overwhelming and taxing task, but if things are done right, moving doesn’t have to be disastrous. Moving homes is not as difficult as it may seem; all you need to do is be aware of some tips and tricks. To simplify this task, can you always make a list of things and prioritise what needs to be done first. Moreover, you can read this article to find out more on how to make moving home easier and details on Prime Transport Group that help you move.

1. Declutter everything

Packing a lot of things can be frustrating and nerve-wracking at the time of moving. Make things easy for yourself, and as soon as you get to know that you are moving homes, cut back on your possessions. Start with giving away crockery, unused furniture, clothes, and toys that have been just lying around for years and piling up for no reason. Make a donation box and get rid of all the unnecessary items that you have, such as clothing your children no longer need as they have grown up. You can drop off this box at the nearest orphanage or childcare centre before your Sydney moving.

2. Make a to-do list

If you have any friends or family that have recently moved, contact them before your Sydney moving for ideas and suggestions on how to make moving homes easier. If you don’t have the option to ask someone, you can always read up experiences online that people must have shared on how to make moving homes easier.

Prepare a moving list with all the details and stick it on your fridge for easier access and reminders. Your list could last-minute reminders such as picking up the new curtains before moving homes or contacting Prime Transport Group for the details and pricing on moving assistance.

3. Categorise your items

Would you like to know one of the easiest tips on how to make moving home easier? Well, let us tell you. Select multiple strong and sturdy cardboard moving boxes according to the number of rooms in your house. Then print out different colour labelling from the internet for the Sydney moving boxes. Place the kitchen items in one box, while items of the bedrooms and living room in different boxes. If any box contains sensitive or fragile items, mark that box with an “X” and inform you’re the moving company to handle that box with care.

4. Pack a small emergency essentials bag

We understand how tiring it is to plan on how to make moving homes easier, especially if you have small kids. It is ideal if you pack a small emergency bag for them so that you don’t have to immediately unpack your furniture and belongings after moving in if your kids need something. Your emergency bag should contain some spare clothes, diapers, toys, as well some snacks to have on the go if you are Sydney moving. If you have this bag, it will be convenient for you; even if you reach your new home late at night, you won’t face any issues unpacking as all the essentials will be inside the bag.

5. Move your belongings on separate days

If the home you are moving into is not far from where you live, consider sending over your things within a week and not moving everything together. You can have a chat with your transport company that’s helping you with Sydney moving and negotiate costs with them. If it does not end up being too costly for you, it is recommended that you pack and send off your belongings according to your needs.

For example, you can transport the living room and the kid’s bedroom furniture on the first day, your bedroom furniture on the second day, and your kitchen accessories and sleeping mattresses on the third day that will be the final day before moving homes, as kitchen utensils are required till the very end. Also, an important point to remember if you’re moving homes during the summer reason it would be ideal if your air conditioners get installed in your new home before you move in so that you don’t have to face the heat.

6. Hire help for cleaning

Still, feel like you need more information on how to make moving homes easier? No worries. You can opt to hire some help for cleaning that will solve most of your problems, if not all. It might be possible that someone is moving homes just like you and shifting in your old home. So wouldn’t it be convenient for them if you leave the place clean and spotless? Prime Transport Group helps move out all your belongings and boxes before the new homeowners arrive.

7. Arrange professional movers

Are you worried that you won’t be able to handle all the stress that moving homes brings? There’s no need for you to fret as that’s where we come in with our professional advice and experience on how to make moving home easier. At Prime Transport Group, we offer efficient and affordable moving services; for Sydney moving, contact us for a helping hand.

People often underestimate the kind of help they can receive from professionals who are more experienced and know the dos and don’ts of moving. We will not only help you lift the heavy furniture out of your house and move it into the new one but also help you figure out things with our expert advice and years of experience. Moreover, if you’re short on help and time, our friendly and energetic team will be more than happy to assist you in packing your valuables, helping sort out last-minute issues and hassles, and will even help you unload boxes in your new space.

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