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Moving to Sydney? 10 Tips to Get Setup

Updated: Apr 19

No one can deny that Sydney is a beautiful city and provides life-changing opportunities along with an upbeat lifestyle which is why many people move to Sydney in the first place. Even though it is one of the most expensive cities and has high costs of living, it provides the best job opportunities in the country along with amazing sights to witness in the form of beaches, parks, museums, and art while you live there.

Things to Consider When Moving to Sydney

If you’re considering moving to Sydney, then with a bit of research, knowledge, and budgeting, you’ll be able to make wise decisions and sort everything out before the big Sydney moving. Mentioned below are 10 tips that will help you get set up for a life-changing experience moving to Sydney.

1. Calculate moving and shipping costs

If you’re moving to Sydney from another city in Australia, you should first estimate the number of things you’re moving with. For example, how much furniture you have along with your essentials such as clothing, cutlery, and cars. You can contact multiple Sydney removals for the rates and then go along with the one that is the most affordable option. The workers will not only help you with your move but also advise you with practical tips that will be helpful for your move.

2. Choose the right area to live in

When choosing a new house for yourself, you will have to keep a few things in mind. If you have kids, it will be convenient for you to find a place near the school. If you don’t have kids, finding a place near your office or a recreational centre is advised. Different neighbourhoods have different living standards, so you should consider an area that is according to your lifestyle as you’ll be able to adjust easily. If you want to enjoy life, party on the weekends, and hang out with friends, Central Sydney is a great option.

3. Estimate housing expenses

Keep in mind that if you’re interested in renting or buying a house or an apartment, then the costs are pretty high in Sydney. Before Sydney moving, do research and ask people living in Sydney for their input to buy or rent a house. If you don’t have enough money and want to save costs on housing, then you can also share the apartment with a work colleague or friend. Moreover, if you prefer living alone, when moving to Sydney, you can opt for the cheaper areas where there are a variety of flats for local and international students.

4. Connect with people before Sydney moving

Once you have chosen the neighbourhood you are going to live in; it will be very convenient for you if you make friends or connect with people living there before moving to Sydney. This way, you will be able to hang out with them on the weekends and be a part of a social circle. The social circle will not only help you mingle with people but will also connect you with people who have similar interests like joining a gym, going to a book reading, and going out for an early morning jog in the park.

5. Research on grocery and food items

If you’re a major foodie and prefer your food to be of the best quality in terms of hygiene and taste, then you need to know your supermarkets and cheap cafes, for early morning coffee after a run, beforehand. While most places in Sydney offer the most amazing food, you’ll be disappointed to know that the same cannot be said about the grocery stores as they have limited variety. However, you can check out some amazing places through Google which do offer good food.

6. Find an internet provider

Imagine moving into an unknown and unfamiliar city that you know nothing about yet. On top of that, if you don’t have stable Internet services, do you know how miserable and tough that could be? Before moving to Sydney, it is important that you find reliable and affordable internet services that can be installed as soon as you move in. Or even better, you can ask the providers to carry out the installations before you move in as that will save you time and energy.

7. Get familiar with public transport

The Sydney transportation system includes multiple options such as trains, buses, light rail, and ferries. As Sydney is a hustling and bustling city, driving a car to work or an important meeting can be risky as traffic jams are common and can happen anywhere. The most feasible option for you is to find affordable options for travelling around Sydney or your regular destinations such as the gym, office, park, and the nearest café.

8. Join a club

If you’re a social person who likes to chill and go out after work, then joining a club is a must for you. With Sydney’s busy life, you must remember to take out some time for your self-relaxation and enjoyment. You can take the membership of a club according to your interests or maybe just go to a club that offers multiple facilities such as a gym, swimming, reading library, and a running track. You can also dine out at the club on the weekends or even take your family along for some weekend fun.

9. Go shopping

If you are a shopaholic, then the excitement of moving to a new city will be enough for you to hit the mall. If you haven’t been to any malls in Sydney, you should check them out so that you are aware of the things you can purchase within your budget. As summers last longer in Sydney, make sure that you have enough light and breezy clothing that lasts you for a while.

10. Hire moving professionals

Now that you have been through all the tips and tricks that are to be kept in mind before Sydney moving, you should consider hiring Sydney removals that can help you with moving your furniture and other essentials.

We at Prime Transport Group will help you settle in quicker and also take care of any queries or confusion you might have related to Sydney moving. Your moving will be smooth and free from any tension or negative experiences.

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