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Do you need help with packers and movers?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

You have been very busy gathering and sorting stuff and are now about to start the packing phase of your moving list. However, before you can even begin, you need to cater to the question of where do you find the perfect packing boxes for moving?

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Depending upon your stuff and needs, there are multiple options from where you can choose to get your moving boxes. However, you first need to figure out a few things. Decide on the budget and see if you want to buy moving boxes or would want a moving box rental assistance. Besides, looking into the packing box material, i.e., cardboard or plastic, is also one thing that you need to pick and choose.

We have everything covered for you, so stay tuned as we show you where to find, purchase, and source new and used packing boxes across Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Where can I get free moving boxes?

Before thinking about buying new packing boxes, look at places where you can get used packing boxes for free!

  • Check at the Local Stores

The best place to start from when looking for free packing boxes is your local stores or marts. Usually, they get their stocks in a weekly or biweekly fashion. So they have plenty of boxes available at hand which they usually give away for FREE!

All you need to do is, go to the store and humbly ask the customer service staff if they have any packing boxes available. Note, be very polite as the staff is doing you a favour. Even if they don't have boxes available, be respectful.

Following are some stores that generally have free moving boxes available. Check them out. These are JB Hi-Fi, Woolies, Coles, Harvey Normans, and at times even Maccas.

If you get lucky in getting the boxes, keep these few packing tips in mind:

  • Ask for the same-sized boxes. It will help you in packing and keeping everything organized.

  • Avoid cardboards that have been used to store fresh products. They might not be firm.

  • If you are looking for big boxes, it is best to check out electronic retailers. Local stores might not have that kind.

  • Search on Gumtree

Unfortunately, if you don't find any moving boxes from your local retailers, you can check out at Gumtree for free used packing boxes. Many Australians offer their packing boxes right after their move-in since they are useless and would just serve as trash.

So look upon Gumtree, search packing boxes in Brisbane or packing boxes Sydney and you might come across ideal packing boxes available for free.

  • Ask your moving company.

When you have decided to move and are now looking for moving companies, check whether they provide packing boxes. Since there are so many moving companies in the market now, they have started offering deals and offers on moving supplies to serve their customers.

Most moving companies now provide moving boxes, some on discounts and some completely free. So, ask your moving company whether they provide moving boxes.

Where can I purchase Moving boxes?

Although buying cardboard moving boxes is not recommended because the cardboard gets damaged and loses its form, if you decide to go down the course of buying moving boxes, the majority of the bigger removalists and capacity organizations will have you covered.

Allied Pickfords and Kents, for instance, all offer their own cardboard moving boxes. Likewise, National Storage also has a helpful posting of areas in case you're looking for moving boxes in Sydney specifically. You can buy them online for a $20 dispatching expense or simply get them free from any of their nearby location.

Once you have moved in and settled, you can also sell the moving boxes back to the National Storage. They do repurchase utilized boxes. This way, you can recover a portion of your moving expenses.

How can I rent Moving Boxes?

If you have decided not to buy moving boxes but are looking for a moving box rental service, there are many options available, and all of them are free of hassle. The moving box rental service does everything at your ease. You only have to order, and they will deliver and collect.

All you need to do is, look up any moving box rental service available in your locality. Place your order of boxes, and that's it, you are done!

Now, the company will deliver the boxes to your doorstep and will collect them back from your door after you have moved in and settled down. They usually give a 3 month period, and then you can notify them to come and collect the boxes.

Benefits of hiring professional packers and movers

Hiring professional packers and movers will make your moving experience much easier. This would not only be cost-effective for you but with professional packers and movers, you will also be at peace that your stuff will be in safe hands. Following are some of the key benefits of hiring professional packers and movers;

  • Stress-Free

Professional movers and packers will save your time and would keep you stress-free. You would not have to worry about anything. Sorting, packing, moving, and transporting- everything would be covered.

  • Cost-effective

When you calculate the cost of packing yourself vs. hiring professionals, you will realize that the latter is pretty cheap.

  • Insurance of the items

Professional packers and movers give insurance that covers all the merchandise they transport. You can relax, realizing your valuable possessions have coverage.

Feel free to call Prime Transport today and we'll help out with all your moving needs!

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