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How To Move House In COVID-19?

Ever since the emergence of coronavirus, daily routines and lives have been disrupted across many cities in Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, and abroad. Although the world is expected to follow all the new norms regarding social distancing and staying indoors, some plans and events just can’t be put on hold. One of such plans is the plan of moving a house.

Once you have made a deal with your landlord or agent and given them a date on which you will move to your new premises, there’s hardly ever any turning back. Even in the many unforeseen circumstances that COVID has brought upon the world, some commitments, contracts, and deadlines are meant not to be broken or missed.

If you have found yourself in the situation of moving houses while there’s a pandemic going on, you must be really worried and ambiguous about how it will actually be done. Therefore, to help you and many others like you who are facing the same situation, we will be talking about some tips on how to move a house in COVID-19, some precautionary measures that you must take, along with some factors that you must take into consideration while moving, so read further.

Plan Things Beforehand

Moving houses is no easy feat. It requires a lot of planning and proper alignment of all the entities and people involved in the process. Therefore, the first and possibly the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Start planning things out at least a month before the actual moving day and try to list down as many important items as you can so that you don’t miss anything.

Given the current situation, you will also have to keep in check that all the safety protocols are being followed, so make a plan to sanitize all the items that have comparatively high exposure to germs, at least a day prior to the movement.

You should also have a few options in mind for the removalist that you would opt for in carrying out the entire moving process. It is also advised to get in touch with your preferred options beforehand to have an idea of the difference in prices and the services they will be offering to avoid any end-moment issues.

Gather All The Information Regarding Your Destination

Whether you are moving across the country or across your city, it is important to know all about the policies and regulations of your new town. Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, many local authorities and governments have made several changes to their rules and regulations pertaining to the safety of their people.

Therefore, before you directly move to your new address, familiarize yourself with any town regulations they might have regarding new residents moving in or workers on site. This way, you will know exactly what to expect, and you will also be able to address any problems that you might encounter more effectively.

Finalize A Mover

With all the planning and information in your grasp, you should now focus on finalizing a mover that will be responsible for all the logistical work. We advise that you get in touch with a service provider that is trustworthy, affordable, and gives you a stress-free experience.

Prime Transport Group offers top-notch removalist and moving services to all its clients. We have a professional crew who is highly trained to handle all kinds of different home removals and moving. Our team and our moving fleet minimize the time it normally takes to move houses, and we do it all while making sure that every necessary safety precaution related to COVID is taken.

Gather Packing Supplies

Moving requires a lot of proper packaging, which means that you will have to buy different sizes of cardboard boxes along with a lot of styrofoam and tape to pack everything in safely.

This is something that shouldn’t be left for the last few days. We advise that you buy all the supplies at least two weeks before moving day and even start packing some of the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis, whenever you get the chance.

Start Packing

Packing stuff up requires a lot of time. So make sure you have started this task many weeks before you actually have to move. With the list you made earlier, start checking things off as you keep putting them in boxes. Make sure that all the fragile items are well wrapped in bubble wraps and well cushioned with styrofoam within the boxes.

Keep Yourself Sanitized And Safe

Precautions are necessary throughout, but they are of utmost importance, especially during the last days leading up to the moving. Any potential risk of the coronavirus can put the entire process on hold and can create a lot of problems for the family as well as the other people involved in the move.

Final Moving Day

When the moving day comes, keep a final checklist of all the items, boxes, and appliances that are to be transported to the new location. Although with Prime Transport Group’s services you won’t have to worry about anything being left behind, it is always great to take some extra precautions personally as well.

Rest assured, with Prime Transport Group, the entire process of moving your house will be seamless and completely safe. Our staff will ensure minimal contact with you and your family members, and other safety items to provide you with a safe and secure house moving experience.

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