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How to relocate in the rain – 10 Tips by Pro Removalists

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

You’ve planned your move, you probably did so a few weeks in advance, but no matter how meticulous you’ve been in the process, it is highly unlikely for you to control the weather. Especially when it comes to rain. While choosing different seasons to avoid rain is a great way to reduce its likelihood, an unexpected downpour can hit you anytime.

Moving homes is already a long and tiring process coupled with the excitement of a new place. The only way you can truly be safe from the natural hazards is by preparing for them instead of leaving out hope of avoiding them when moving homes.

Below is a list of moving tips to help you keep in mind some clever ways to use equipment that you already have and hacks that can make your move less eventful.

How to relocate in the rain - Prime Transport Group has prepared for you: 10 Tips by Pro Removalists:

  1. Get quality moving items

One of the most important questions to answer when moving is how to relocate homes if the weather does not agree with you? Before you even begin preparing for that, you ought to make sure basic things like cardboard boxes and the tape you use are of good quality.

Here we mean boxes that are designed specifically for moving within the moving industry. Moving companies like Prime Transport Group use items that are top-quality and durable even during a rainy season.

2. Use plastic bins

Plastic bins will provide the best possible protection during the rain. Your stuff will remain dry and safe throughout the move, regardless of how heavily it rains. Cover up any openings with tape and make sure to buy bins with secure lids. These will always be an investment for you!

3. Stock up on rain gear - Relocation Services

When you’re moving homes during a rainy season, the first step is protecting your belongings, but with it, you need to protect yourself. The only way you’re going to be able to move properly is if you, yourself, are not caught in the rain or end up getting sick because of it. You can also look into hiring professional removalists that are better equipped with answering the question of how to relocate homes in such conditions instead of doing it yourself.

4. Get to the place before movers do

If you’ve anticipated rain on the day of your moving, try to put aside some time in your moving schedule to prep your new home for the movers to arrive. Small efforts like laying down a mat or a rag will help movers wipe their feet, so your furniture or already moved pieces aren’t damaged. Put out towels and rags for movers, so they are able to wipe their hands and face or dry off the items they are moving. But no need to worry if you book with Prime Transport as we take full care of our customers and provide these with our services.

5. Utilize garbage bags

If you have a tight budget, one of the helpful removalist tips is to make garbage bags your best friend. You can transport clothes, teddies, or even cushions without damaging them in the process. This will move large quantities of items in a cheaper way. Make use of them for larger items that are relatively lighter, so you can save up on space for other more fragile items in the boxes. This will also ensure that these items do not get soaked in the rain.

6. Wrap your household items correctly

For a removalist tips blog, it is important for us to mention the role of properly wrapping your items for a move. While we generally tend to wrap things that are fragile in bubble wrapping, you can also wrap other items in waterproof moving containers or cheaper alternatives like moving blankets, old towels, or anything that acts as a protective layer between your items and the rain.

7. Lift the items from below

If you’re going to be moving homes yourself, you ought to know how they need to be safely moved in case they happen to get wet in the process. Make sure to lift the box from the bottom so you prevent tearing and wrap them in plastic to increase support.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle while moving homes, you can contact many moving companies. Prime Transport group is a Brisbane and Sydney removalist company that helps with a seamless move, with little to no hassle regardless of weather conditions.

8. Label items that need to be kept away from water - Relocation Services

While ideally, nothing you’re moving should get wet in rainwater, one removalist tip is to label your items that movers need to be absolutely careful of. This can include electronics or books. This will help your movers understand the level of care they need to administer each time they move a box or a container.

9. Keep a watch of your items

When you’re moving into an apartment or a house that has two stories, get someone who lives on the first floor or ask the reception area to keep watch of your items so that the rainwater that has now soaked your boxes doesn’t reach your apartment.

Moving these things to places closer to the corridor or even garage will cut down the amount of water tracked inside.

10. Set up a Temporary Cover

If possible, in any way, try to set up a temporary cover over the path the movers will take from your home to the door and the moving truck. This will ensure no rainwater touches the boxes. You can use a pop-up tent or hang a tarp over the path to keep everyone involved in the moving process out of the rain.

Final Word

All in all, how to relocate homes when there is a downpour going on is somewhat of a challenging feat but one that you’re going to remember for a while. And because of that, make sure it goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

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