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Moving Tips

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Are you ready to move? What other things should you consider whilst Moving in the middle of a Pandemic?

You probably have been waiting for this moment for a while now. You might have your home all organised and ready to go, but then this whole situation with COVID unfolded, leaving everyone feeling uncertain and fearful about what lay ahead.

Take a few deep breaths. Keep calm, there’s a lot to do to, but try not to stress. No sure where to begin with your moving journey? We’ll share some tips to get you started.

Why not try creating lists of what you need to organise for your current home and new home?

If you are renting, let's start with what you will need to do to before you return the keys of your current residence:

- Book a cleaning company that will clean your house thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about not getting your bond back.

-Make a keep, donate and chuck pile which will make it easier for you to sort between your items before you start packing. You might not have to buy as many boxes if you get rid of unnecessary items.

- Make sure you haven’t left any items in hidden nooks or cupboards that you might miss later on.

- Hire a removalist team who has had COVID-19 Infection Control training to help you carefully move your items and transport them safely.

In the week leading up to moving day, make sure you have all your services booked for your new house so you are ready to go.

Wash all of the immediate items you will need to start using when you arrive at your new house such as:

- Blankets

- Towels

- Sheets

- Your children's toys

- Clean and disinfect the items you are taking to your new home.

- Make sure that your furniture is completely dry and cleaned.

#1 Tip – sugar soap is best to remove any stains that you may have from sticky tape or blue tack.

Wash all curtains in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaner as required.

Check that the cleaners have cleaned the blinds, door frames, window sills, walls and light Fixtures properly.

The house is ready to be returned!

Logistics: Plan your moving transport.

- Truck rental, removal company, friends help, etc.

- Make a list of all the items you will take (stove, refrigerator, washing machine ...), how many boxes - and don't forget to consider your vehicles, plants and pets

- Make a quote based on what you have listed. Get quotes and confirmations in writing.

- Look for friends who want to help, this makes the move more fun.

If you are packing your items yourself, try not to make the boxes too heavy. Make it easy for you to lift and transport by yourself.

Go to the Boxes

- Place boxes in each room.

- Label each box by room and contents.

#2 Tip is to keep one ‘essentials’ box aside with everything you’ll need immediately as you get to your new home, as well as cleaning supplies for a last-minute tidy.

- Organize any valuables items to be safely packed for the move day.

Don’t overfill boxes - Overfilling boxes can potentially result in boxes breaking or collapsing whilst they are being carried to the truck.

Line up logistics: Organize appropriate parking for removalists or friends, and a time to use the lift if needed.

Get moving: They will need -Fuel up with snacks and water. It's going to be a big day.

Remember - Take note of any final utility readings before you return the keys. That way you won’t get a shock when the next bill comes.

New House:

If possible, vacuum any spaces before your boxes arrive, then place each box in the correct room.

Prime Transport Group offers a pack and unpack service, so you can sit back and relax. We also have trained professionals and partners who can take care of the cleaning for you.

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