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Top 10 survival tips for moving a house

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Are you moving to a new house?

Moving to a new place is often accompanied by a feeling of excitement and happiness. However, it takes no time for that excitement to be turned into anxiety with the amount of work required. Remember! Moving house is an art that requires proper planning and execution. The key is to plan it well while taking care of all the necessary details.

Are you moving homes in Brisbane or Sydney? If so, adopt the ideal and hassle-free way of moving houses by hiring a reliable removalist. Moving homes in Brisbane and Sydney is made easy with care by Prime Transport Group, a full-service removalist.

Based on our years of experience in moving houses, here are the 10 survival tips for moving a house.

Prime Transport Group has prepared a list for you - Top 10 survival tips for moving a house

Tips move - Are you moving to a new house?

1. Plan in advance

Some things can't be done as a spur-of-the-moment decision. It holds true moving into a new house. Planning in advance will give you a timeline for several things – the amount of time to declutter, pack, transport, and set up your household items in the new house. Needless to say, the list of chores involved in moving houses does not end here. An important aspect to consider in this planning is to hire a trusted removalist. Booking them in advance will allow you to pick your desired time and day for the required services.

2. Declutter your belongings

It is a job that demands time and concentration, but the end result is worth it. We tend to pile up many items in our houses, some with short-term use only. Getting rid of such things is a great idea before moving houses. Decluttering will also give you a good idea about the amount of stuff you will be taking to your new house to help you plan the packing, transport, and unpacking logistics. So, get rid of all the extra and waste items that have no place in your new home. Consider donating them to a shelter nearby.

3. Book a removal company

Once you have decided on the things you should be shifting to your new house, you must consider taking an experienced removalist on board. Prime Transport Group is a top choice for moving houses in Brisbane and Sydney. The company has years of experience in the removalist industry. Being well-trained in dealing with delicate items and furniture, this one-stop-shop for moving houses is a perfect pick. Hiring such a removalist will ensure that all your belongings reach their new destination safely, without any damage. Additionally, you will be saving yourself from added stress and time.

4. Start with the least-used room

Beginning your packing with the least-used room in your current house will give you a kick start. You'll be able to get off the anxiety of starting your packing job without disturbing the existing rhythm of the house. It will also give you the opportunity to leave everyday items at their designated place until the days near the move. It is a magician trick to keep the absolute essentials separate from packed stuff, preventing the need to search for them when needed.

5. Accept help

We cannot emphasise this point enough. Nobody scores any points in being a hero by saying no when a helping hand appears. Doing everything yourself will not make you look like an emerging victor, especially when you have so much to take care of as required in moving houses. Learn to accept help when it is offered to you. It will expedite your process of moving houses, and you will thank yourself for the decision later.

6. Label your boxes

Easy-to-see and easy-to-read labels will keep you from wasting time in finding a needle from a haystack. Labelling is also an easy way to identify delicate items and further ensure that they are handled with care. A proven technique is to use coloured stickers/labels to categorise all the stuff properly. It will assist you in unpacking and resetting everything in the new home. Duly consider these long-term benefits of a simple job done right in a timely fashion.

7. Take pictures

Take pictures of your belongings and packed boxes. Let these pictures serve both as a memory and referencing point for you. You can also capture photographs of certain setups, like your television or furniture, to make sure that you do it the same way at the new place. Photos of displays and setups that you like will assist you in recreating the same in your new home.

8. Pack a survival kit

A survival kit is nothing fancy but contains only basic items that you frequently require. Pack your everyday use stuff like your toiletries, a few changes of clothes, phone chargers, some snacks, and any other items that you deem vital in a separate bag. You can apply the same thing to keep a small bag ready for every person in the house. Resultantly, once you have moved to your new house, there will not be any requirement to unpack your boxes immediately. A survival kit while moving will be your angel in disguise.

9. Get familiar with your appliances

Getting familiar with the appliances is the elephant that is not easy to tackle. The sooner you get familiar with your appliances and how they work in your new house, the earlier you will be able to operate and maintain them with ease.

10.Visit the new area

Once you are done with booking a trusted removalist like Prime Transport Group it is time to survey the new area. Spend some time to get to know the vicinity of your new house a little better. It will help you in exploring restaurants, parks and public transport options nearby. You will also get acquainted with the nearest petrol stations, retail outlets, and pharmacies.

Moving in Sydney or Brisbane might seem like a lot of work, but booking a trusted removalist like Prime Transport Group will take away a solid layer of stress. Make sure to have fun while moving houses and create memories with your loved ones during the process. Planning in advance, booking a removalist, and proper execution of the plan will make a move an enjoyable experience.

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