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What makes a great removalist?

Moving to a new home can be a stressful activity. To ensure things go smoothly, make sure you hire the right company to help you with this process and avoid any surprises.

What factors should you consider when hiring a removal company?

We have created a list for you to follow and use as a guide if you are considering to relocate:

  1. Check the company’s ratings: You probably already check the ratings for restaurants and hotels that you are thinking of going to, so this won’t be news to you. Much like any other service, there are quite a few removalist companies in Sydney, so you might want to make sure that you are choosing the right one. Many people leave comments and reviews online so other people can check them out before booking a service, which is extremely helpful when there are so many to choose from.

  2. Make sure they meet your relocation needs: Are you thinking of moving across the street or to another state in Australia? Choose a company that will cover all your needs. If you are thinking of moving interstate however, not all removal companies in Sydney offer the option of transporting your belongings to different states. Fortunately for you, at Prime Transport Group we offer the possibility to help you with your moving process, whether you are moving to Melbourne or Brisbane. Restrictions apply.

  3. Compare prices: A little bit of research won’t take much of your time and it will guarantee you the best price. Compare prices by browsing other websites that cover your relocation needs and choose the one that best suits your budget.

  4. Provides insurance: One of the risks of moving is the possibility that any movement will damage your belongings on the road, especially on long journeys. To avoid any issues, make sure you hire a service that covers your possessions by providing insurance with the removal services.

  5. Transparent services: last but not least, when hiring a removalist company, read all the information carefully and make sure there are no hidden fees or any other conditions applied due to any changes. The leading removalist companies provide full details to the customers about the final payment, by invoicing their clients with the total cost, instead of giving them estimated quotes.

Prime Transport Group ticks all the boxes on the list. Visit our website for more information or call 0425 155 196 to enquire about our services.

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