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Where Can You Donate Furniture in Sydney and Brisbane?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Your house is supposed to be your haven. A place that offers you warmth, comfort, and the ability to be yourself without any hindrance, be it physical or emotional. This safe space can get annoying and irritating to live in if you are not too careful with your belongings. Clutter can cause tons of difficulties to you. From limiting the amount of space available to restricting movement and making things inaccessible, there is a lot involved. An easy solution to this is to get rid of anything that seems unnecessary to you. Now, of course, it might seem weird and wasteful to throw out your furniture. This is why we are here.

Read on below to get some tips as to where and how you can dispose of your furniture. It should help provide you with some guidance so that you don't bump your pinky toe into useless tables and sofas.

Prime Transport Group has prepared a list for you to help you find where and how you can dispose of your furniture:

1. Friends and Family - Furniture removal

First off, let's start it easy. Donating or gifting your furniture to friends and family is the best way to get rid of it without going into too much trouble. The major part of finding buyers or people who would be interested in it is removed as you know these people and can get in touch with them. Moreover, displaying it to potential buyers or takers will be easy as well since they can visit you and get a good look at it themselves.

Get the word out that you plan on getting your furniture off your hands, and you'd be surprised at the rate at which the word travels. There is always going to be someone who might be interested in a table, closet, or sofa. The best part is that the hassle of packing and delivering it might even be removed from the equation if they choose to collect it themselves. Why throw a useful thing in the bin if your loved ones can make good use out of them?

2. Donations and Charities - Donate Furniture

Next up, we have donations and charities. If you are moving homes and want to get some stuff off of your hands, then charities are a perfect pick. In Sydney and Brisbane, donation centres are available at great ease. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone. Help someone in need and make sure that you find a home for your unwanted furniture items. There are tons of charities and organisations out there who would love to get your aid, be it in the form of money or physical objects.

Your contribution to these organisations will ensure that people out there who require emotional or physical help get the best of the material to forward in this journey of growth. You can either look up various charities online, or you can simply look around in your neighbourhood and enquire if there are any local shops taking items for donation.

These organisations and charity centres are the best places to find a new home for your belongings, as they will make sure that none of your resources go to waste. Sure, there might not be any monetary compensation coming your way, but wouldn't you love to know that the less fortunate will be at more ease because of you?

3. Storage Units - Donate Furniture

There are several times when we may want to get rid of some of our furniture, but you would want to own it as well. Whether it is family heirlooms or other antiques that you think are of a ton of importance, finding a safe place for them is necessary. You can't keep them in your house because of the lack of space, and you can't expect others to store them for you, so what do you do?

An easy solution for this dilemma is to simply go ahead and look for a safe storage unit. According to the Self-Storage Demand Study conducted in 2020, it was found out that around 10.6% of households are renting out a self-storage facility. The best part is that there is no particular restriction as to when you can use these storage units. Business or personal use can all be tackled with such a space.

Moreover, the credible ones come with smart locking systems, security cameras operating round the clock, and 24 hours access as well. Sure, storing in your garage or basement might sound like a good idea, but then you will just be shifting your mess from one place to another.

4. Online Market - Furniture removalists

Last but not least, in today's progressive world, if you can't find a solution elsewhere, you're bound to get some help from the internet. Moving homes can be quite a tiring job. In this tiresome journey, you certainly don't want to go around telling. This is where the online world comes into play.

Finding buyers can be the easiest thing if you know where to look. Take a few snapshots of your furniture and post them on any social media site. Whether it is an online marketplace or Facebook, you won't be disappointing people about your goods.

There’s no need to worry if you don't want to sell it; you will find people who are ready to accept donations as well. Advertise your furniture online and wait for the replies to come pouring in. You should be specific beforehand whether you want to place an object for sale or donation purposes. This is the easiest and quickest way to find a place for your furniture without even lifting a finger (other than the scrolling you might have to do).

Let's Declutter! - Furniture mover

Unwanted furniture might be annoying you, but finding a new home for it shouldn't be a difficult task. According to researchers from the University of Navarra, a tidy home can help you think better! With all the ideas given below, you can easily declutter your house and maybe make some bucks out of it too, if you like.

Prime Transport Group has prepared a list for you to help you find where and how you can dispose of your furniture.

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