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Why Moving To Northern Beaches? All About Living Costs & Relocation Tips

Who wouldn't dream of waking up every day next to the sunny shores? You can do exactly that on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.

The golden coasts, with crystal clear waters, are precisely what you need in this chaotic world. If you think the process of upsizing to Northern beaches is hard, well, it isn't anymore.

There are many moving companies like the Prime Transport group that do it all for you! Let's discuss a few reasons why this might be the right decision for you.

Why Should You Move Up To The Northern Beaches?

Everyone needs a fresh change of scenery from time to time. Especially after the pandemic, people really know the value of an escape to a much calmer and peaceful environment.

Who wouldn't want a nice environment for their family and the luxuries of making memories right by the ocean?

If you are someone looking to relocate as your family's needs change, then upsizing to northern beaches might just be the perfect fit for you.

As your family grows, they require more space and peace, and this is exactly what this place offers. Here are some of the benefits.

A Worthy Investment For Its Value

A small drive from the CBD, the area is very valuable for what it has to offer. If you compare the prices to inner-city houses, you will notice that the property near northern beaches has so much more to offer!

The houses offer much bigger space. In addition, you get a much private and residential area, away from the bustling city. People also appreciate the off-street parking.

Another great thing is the suburbs of Mosman, Manly, and Dee Why offer great security and valued residential properties. You will have multiple options to select from and pick the ideal home for yourself.

A Great Sense Of Community

One of the great things about this place is that you get to experience the local visitors who come in every season. Most people commend the place for having polite, friendly, and accepting people.

Since the beaches attract all kinds of people, the locals make it a note to have an unspoken rule of being welcoming and understanding.

It's a terrific place to raise your children and teach them the value of community. The people are a prime example of being down to earth and kind. You can also use this time to focus on your child's intellectual development, education, and artistic abilities.

You will blend in, in no time, and after living there, a while, people cannot imagine living anywhere else. The great thing is that it is an excellent option for people of all ages. So, if you are retired and want some peace, or are young at heart and want to enjoy some early morning surfing, it's a great fit for all.

The fresh air does everyone some good, especially when you are surrounded by a wonderful, stress-free environment.

Perks For Your Family

If you have an adventurous, fun-loving family, we promise that you will never run out of things to do at the northern beaches.

There are so many gorgeous parks around the area, where you can enjoy running, sports and just take in the scenic views.

You can enjoy an early morning walk by the ocean, grab some tea or coffee along the way and feel refreshed each morning.

The shoreline is guarded by lifeguards to make sure it is safe for your kids to hit the waves from time to time. Apart from that, there are many shops, local artists near the beach, and you can enjoy those as well.

Good for The Heart And Soul!

If you are someone looking to upgrade your lifestyle in terms of health, then upsizing to the northern beaches is a great idea.

The fresh air, local organically grown fruits, and vegetables, and enjoying long walks every day can really impact your health in a positive way.

The locals also encourage farmers' markets, organic eating, and an active lifestyle. The food on its own can turn things around, and you will find your fitness pal in no time.

There are also many beach activities that you will enjoy doing and will keep you healthy and hearty.

Moving Is Hassle Free!

There are many beautiful beachy suburbs like Narrabeen and Mosman that have gorgeous homes for you to settle in.

You have all kinds of estates, and you can pick them according to your family's needs. If you need a pool or a bigger backyard for the dogs to run around, these suburbs offer it all in one place.

Moreover, the moving process is completely hassle-free. You can call professional removalists, and many recommend the Prime Transport Team that are perfect for house moving.

They handle the entire move for you and especially cater to those moving to the northern beaches.

We understand that moving houses is a chaotic task. There is a lot of planning, sorting, packing, and more. Especially when you move away from the city, you might have to plan in advance, to reduce the back and forth trips.

Professionals like Prime Transport handle it from the beginning to the end, reducing your worries. All your stuff is safely transported for you, and the task is so much easier to handle.

They make sure all your valuables are protected and all items are safely transported to you don't have to re-do your new house with new things, you can always take your existing ones!

The northern beaches are attracting more and more residents each year, and you and your family could be the next ones to settle to the gorgeous place.

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